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Turbine Blades are the lifeblood of your Mini Wind Generator! Plain and simple, without something to catch the wind and turn the motor, you get no power!

The basic size for most small wind turbines sits between 55-65 inches in diameter. This means your blades will be approximately 28-30 inches long, then when they are attached to the hub, or centerpiece, the total diameter will hover around 60 inches.

As you look at different blades for your wind turbine, keep in mind that most of the sizes you see, are those of the total circumference. Meaning, a 60" turbine blade kit, is the result of all blades being attached to the hub, for a total diameter of 60 inches.

Turbine Blade Kits on Amazon

While many people try to build the blades on their own, it can be very easy to mess up just one of the blades, and have to start all over! Amazon has many sellers who deal in carbon fiber or other composite blade kits that come ready to assemble!

Turbine Blades on Ebay

Check out the Wind Turbine Generator Blades available on Ebay posted below:

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