With the increased interest in the last few years in renewable forms of energy, wind powered generators are gaining popularity. They offer a lot of advantages over solar alternatives and are very attractive economically as well. If you are considering adding a solution to your home to replace or augment your power, wind powered generators are a great place to start. There are several options available to the homeowner these days to help out with the rising cost of electricity.

Solar panels seem the most obvious, but compared to wind generated power, they may fall short. One of the main problems with solar panels is that even under the best conditions they only generate power for a fairly small portion of a 24 hour daily cycle. This means that during the evening, and on cloudy days you are relying completely on your local power company to supply your electricity.

On the other hand a wind powered generator will operate continuously as long as the wind is blowing. And if you mount the unit on a high enough tower, it is likely to catch a minimum of wind most of the time. Also, the cost of solar panels can be very expensive compared to the cost of a wind powered generator. Solar panels are usually bought pre-made and have to be installed by a professional in groups to generate a decent amount of power. Wind generators can be installed as a single unit, and even a small one can generate between 1000 and 2000 watts of power. This is equivalent to an average output of 10 to 20 solar panels on a sunny day.

Also, there are a lot of plans available on the web to help you actually build your own wind generator from readily available parts, further lowering the cost. Another advantage that wind powered generators have over solar panels is that they can be used by any homeowner in any location. For solar panels to be effective, you need to have a large flat area that faces true south. If the back roof of your house (the most cosmetically appealing place to install solar panels) faces north, you're out of luck.

The Wind turbine is installed on a pivot and will catch the wind no matter which direction it is blowing. Lastly, a wind powered generator is mounted away from the house on a free-standing tower. This is nice because it doesn't require you to modify the house in any way to use it. Solar panels are mounted on the rood and in some cases require bracing in the attic for the added weight and always present the hazard of your roof leaking from the installation. All things considered, if you're looking for an attractive alternative energy generation scheme, wind powered generators might be perfect for you.

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