Many homeowners are looking for sound ways to beat the high cost and temperamental nature of electrical power delivered by the local power monopoly. Tired of watching their bills escalate, they have begun to search for effective options. The Sunforce 44444 Whisper Wind Turbine offers a very inviting alternative. Constructed with a high-tech design, this turbine will deliver reliable electrical energy at a fraction of the cost you are currently paying. This smooth-running piece of equipment is easily installed on your home, the Sunforce mounting kit, or anywhere that features good wind movement.

Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator
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Product Description

The Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator harnesses the power of the wind to provide you with clean, free renewable energy. Not only can it lower your electric bill at home, but it's also a great choice for generating electricity at cabins and worksites far from existing power lines. With compatible equipment, Sunforce wind generators can even be paired with solar panels for additional, diversified power creation.

Sunforce wind generators are easy to set up and operate.

Convenient Power That Helps You Save Money and Protect the Environment
On land and at sea, people have been harnessing the power of the wind for thousands of years. With the Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator, you can use the power of the wind to provide energy for your home, cabin, worksite or remote equipment. Wind power can help cut your energy bills by reducing your dependence on the main electrical grid at home, and is also ideal for many remote locations that are far from existing power lines. Unlike nuclear and fossil fuels, wind power systems are clean and pollution-free, and they require little maintenance to operate.

Wind power can significantly lower your electric bill.

Flexible Power for New or Existing Systems
The Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator is an ideal addition to many new and existing renewable power systems. It provides up to 400 Watts or 27 Amps of power at maximum efficiency. The fully integrated regulator automatically shuts the unit down when the batteries are charged to minimize wear.

The Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator features a durable aluminum body and lightweight carbon fiber blades that are optimized for maximum efficiency and low noise. It is completely weatherproof, and the patented high-wind over-speed technology keeps the unit safe in high wind and stormy conditions. Assembly is required, but this generator installs easily and mounts to any sturdy pole, building, or the Sunforce 44455 Wind Generator 30-Foot Tower Kit.

About Wind Power
The Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator can provide an average monthly output of 38 kilowatt hours with an average 12 mile-per-hour wind speed. It requires an 8 mile-per-hour wind speed to start generating power. As the local wind speed increases, so does the power output. Since this type of generator uses wind as "fuel", it is important to choose an appropriate site. The ideal location for a wind generator is 20 feet above any surrounding object within a 250-foot radius. Wind speed increases with height above ground, so a taller mast can provide significant gains in energy production.

Wind generators convert the mechanical energy of their spinning blades into an electric current; they do not actually store power. Sunforce Wind Generators are primarily used to recharge all types of 12-Volt batteries, including lead-acid automotive batteries, deep-cycle (traction type) batteries, gel-cell batteries, and heavy-duty (stationary type) batteries. When using this wind generator to run appliances on a regular basis, the use of deep-cycle marine batteries is recommended. This type of battery is designed to withstand the frequent charge and discharge cycles associated with wind power use. Attempting to run the wind generator on an open circuit without a battery may cause damage to the generator or connected equipment.

Product Details

  • A Lightweight Portable & Quiet Wind Generator
  • Ready to use
  • This product is manufactured in China
  • Uses wind to generate power and run your appliances and electronics
  • Constructed from lightweight, weatherproof cast aluminum
  • Fully integrated regulator that automatically shuts down when the batteries are completely charged
  • Maximum power up to 400 watts or 27 Amps
  • Measure: 27 x 44 x 44 inches (LxWxH)

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