Mini wind turbines are offering great promise for energy independence. These highly efficient, technologically advanced pieces of equipment produce an amazing amount of electricity for their size. Since wind is a constantly renewing source of energy, while fossil fuels are being depleted – as well as being very expensive – more homeowners are turning to mini wind turbines to be an essential part of their energy future.

Here is an overview of the leading brands in the Wind Power Industry.

Sunforce Wind Turbines

An industry leader, Sunforce models are constructed of cast aluminum that is light weight and fully weatherproof. Their lineup of products feature units that mount easily to buildings, chimneys, or mounting poles. Their tower kits are a popular and easy mounting system.

Helix Mini Turbines

These innovative Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) efficiently turn wind into usable energy for your home, business, or equipment needs. The Helix mini turbines use wind scoops to stop the wind, rather than blades. An added bonus is the aesthetically appealing look of the Helix mini wind turbine models.

Air X Mini Wind Generators

This company combines basic wind technology with cutting edge ways to make it more efficient to turn the potential energy of wind into electrical energy. Their commitment to the best engineering and design make their units among the most effective in the industry.

Air Breeze Wind Generators

The engineers at Air Breeze constantly work to find air blade design that more effectively captures the wind and converts it into usable energy. Materials and construction combine to maximize the efficiency in their models. Most popular in the marine world, the Air Breeze brand is one of the best!

Whisper Wind Turbines

Another brand from Southwest Windpower. Many of their models are the best sellers in their class, and are made for a wide variety of wind conditions, from moderate to extreme. High quality bearings and Yaw shafts produce very efficient conversion of the wind’s potential energy to the electrical energy for home use.

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