One of the biggest arguments you will often hear about the use of Mini Wind Generators, is that they don't provide enough energy to power your home. Guess what... its true! A Mini Wind Generator is only going to help subsidize the costs you are already paying, or make your current electricity usage drop!

In the words of Dr. Phil - It Aint About You...

Mini Generators are Like a Drop of Water

One of the best analogies I can relate to Mini Wind Generation is in reference to a pond of water.

A Cup of Water by itself makes no difference... but if you dump hundreds of thousands of cups of water into that pond, it would make a huge difference!

The same image is true for mini wind generators. By themselves, a single turbine is not really going to have any impact on our reliance on fossil fuels that result in global warming.

BUT... if every telephone pole in America was to have a mini wind generator added to the top of it, the overall reduction of energy use would be dramatic and have a huge effect on the power grid!

You see... it all starts with just one!

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