The PRO: Supply and Maintenance

The good thing about DIY wind power is that it has very marginal cost. The fuel consumption is tolerable and the maintenance cost is also ideal. According to scientists, the energy that we can harness from the atmosphere is a lot greater than what the world can consume. Accordingly, the wind power available is five times more than the world consumption. However, there has to be a practical limit as to the amount to be used. For now, studies are being done how it will impact the atmosphere if we harness it in global scale.

The CON: Battery Rewiring

Harnessing the energy does not mean it's all just good times since you have free electricity. A great deal of effort is needed in the maintenance of your tools. Many of the materials sold in the market now are mostly do-it-yourself or DIY. DIY wind power means you will install the wind turbines and you will also need to maintain the batteries and all that. The most common problem that users encounter is rewiring the batteries. This is a hassle if you are unsure what to do but it is just a breeze if you know the steps to take.

A battery that can produce 0-300 volts normally has 42 coils around the edge of the stator. There are two ends to this wiring system and DIY wind power enthusiasts like you will observe that at one end, there are three wires joined together whereas for the other end, the three wires are separate. Each wire is connected to 14 coils and these 14 coils send different current flows in different intervals. A majority of DIY wind power users prefer 23 or 24 volts. In this case, you will have 3 sets of 14 coils. Each coil will be able to produce about 212 volts of power. At full speed, you should be able to have 300 volts maximum with a 12 volt system.

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