If you’ve been using a home wind generator for any length of time, you will respond to that question with an enthusiastic “absolutely yes!” or maybe an even more colorful affirmative answer. Is saving money worth the hype? Who would say “no” to that? Is being responsible with your use of the world’s non-renewable resources worth the hype? A Growing number of thousands of homeowners are using home wind generators for that very purpose! Is it great to have a backup source of power when storms or heat-related overload cause yet another power outage on the grid?

Endure a few days in a cold and dark home, or the sweltering summer heat without A/C and you’ll agree, too, having a quality home wind generator that can produce part or all of your home’s energy is a tremendous advantage. It is clean, it is green, and the cost savings are simply awesome. While no one knows how expensive electricity generated by fossil fuels may become, the wind is, and always will be, free of charge.

With outstanding technological advances in the last decade, home wind generators now make it possible to generate and store a significant amount of energy. For example, one home wind generator, even when wind speeds are not high, can generate enough power to run the lights in the average home. With more wind generators, and normal wind speeds, your goal of being less dependent on the unstable electrical grid and the unpredictable power companies can be within reach!

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