Mini Wind Generator

The Mini Wind Generator website was started as a place where we could document our own trials and errors of becoming free of the energy grid! Welcome to the site and I hope the info on these pages, helps you too, break the grasp of the power companies, maybe even getting them to PAY YOU back a little money every month!

Why Build a Mini Wind Generator?

With the increasing demand for electric power being much higher than the supply, it's time that we all take some serious actions to save power. Apart from being conscious about the usage of energy at home, we are trying to find ways to save money on utilities.

Solar and Wind Power Solutions are the two of the most efficient ways that you can replace the energy sources for your home.

The solutions on this site can help you combat power outages, reduce your electricity bills, and also help the environment.

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What is a Mini Wind Generator?

A typical wind power system is made of a tall tower and 3-5 blades that spin when the wind blows (Duh...) and pump out wind energy. While you can put these about anywhere, they are not too popular for people living in populated areas, due to the size and constant eyesore.  

Mini Wind Generators on the other hand, are becoming very popular, since you can mount them on the side of your house with a short mast, or even right to the side of a fireplace! The height of the wind tower will of course depend on the wind currents in your area, but even the smallest of wind turbines (Often called Micro Wind Generators) in areas with low wind velocity, can still provide enough energy to power all the lights in your home each day!

If you are confused with all the different terms associated with wind generators, here’s a a short guide for you. The terms, windmill, wind mills, mini wind turbines, and wind generators are often used to refer to the same thing

Make power at home with solar and wind energy to eliminate your power bill.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully you will find the benefits of a Mini wind Generator soon!